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Turistická Lávka Rádlo

Turistická lávka Rádlo přes silnici 1/65

investorInvestor: Mikroregion Císařský Kámen 
(Dlouhý Most, Jeřmanice, Rádlo a Šimonovice)
Designer: Projektová kancelář VANER, s. r. o. 
Contractor: Stavby silnic a železnic, a. s., závod Liberec 
Period of construction: 04/2003 - 08/2004

FootbridgeConstruction of the footbridge Rádlo is part of the project of multifunctional tourist route of the Euroregion Nisa „Nová Hřebenovka", which is co-financed by European Union fund SAPARD. The tourist route, spanning thru the new footbridge a rock cutting of the road no. 1/65 near to the village Rádlo, is designed to develop cycle and foot touring and in winter there is an adapted cross-country skiing track run thru. Construction of the footbridge Mapcontributed to growth of tourism in the village Rádlo and all around the mikroregion Císařský Kámen and it became an architectonic dominant at the way in the Jizerské Mountains. The successful design is backed by fact that the project „Tourist footbridge Rádlo" won in 2005 the prize ČKAIT and the construction was registered in competition Transport construction of the year.

Tecnical description:
Footbridge bearing structure is designed as a wooden grid laid on a couple of a tight ropes. The footbridge is designed as overhead band supported on abutments and on a central Footbridgesocketed column. Bearing ropes are tightened over massive lock dwarf walls of shoring tied thru rope anchors into half-rock massive. Central column mounted to spread footing massive block is designed as wooden framework solidified with diagonal steel draw rods net. Bearing structure grid consists of four main beams, bound with cross bars, all made of bonded lamella wood. Horizontal stiffening and that for torsion is provided by diagonal steel draw rods in two levels. Each wooden bridge deck bay made of seven ledgers and cross piled battens is brought on cross bars. Steel rail consists of columns made of core rail fitted with upper steel profile with wood handle, steel welded netting used as setting. 

Basic technical parameters:

• Width of bay 
• Length of bearing structure 
• Length of footbridge, incl. wings
• Width of footbridge
• Loose width between rails
• Height, of construction, incl. Bearing bridge deck 
• Height of footbridge (bridge deck by pillar over shoulder) 
• Underbridge height (minimum) 

54 m
58,2 m
3,9 m
3 m
0,81 m
12,9 m
9,28 m 

Design load for pedestrian traffic 4 kN/m2, 

The Rádlo tourist footbridge (Jablonec nad Nisou region - North Bohemia) is formed by two-part decks of wooden grid fields and the pendulous piliar. These wooden grid fieids are supported by two prestressed cables anchored to the rock massif, The grid and the piliar are made of the glued lameilar wood, The project realization, supported by EU SAPARD FUND, ínc-luded also the construction of the access foreg-round of the tourist footbridge as well as the tou-rist generál Information system instalment.








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